For the planner or processors is a wide range of different panel thicknesses available, provided by 40 to 200 mm for many applications.

Ideally for example for external facades or partition walls:
  • PU-40 element thickness 40 mm
  • PU-60 element thickness 60 mm
  • PU-80 element thickness 80 mm
  • PU-100 element thickness 100 mm


In areas such as food processing and storage or the temperature-controlled logistics isolation panels are used by millions.
  • PU-120 element thickness of 120 mm
  • PU-140 element thickness of 140 mm
  • PU-150 element thickness of 150 mm
  • PU-170 element thickness of 170 mm
  • PU-200 element thickness of 200 mm
  • PU-220 element thickness of 220 mm


One of the most important characteristics of the isolation panels is special joint geometry. It forms a close labyrinth seal and for the high requirements for tightness was developed, which the refrigerating chamber and cold treatment space's building demand. Depending upon aspects from the building design aspect or hygenic or however from cost reasons the following alternatives to the choice stand for the planner:
The double groove and double feather/spring connection of the isolation panels offer a sufficient tightness without additional seals components already by their special geometry.
When professional assembling the isolation panels obtain the technical values mentioned. Depending upon requirement a build-lateral sealing of the joint is possible.
An optical alternative to the complex and cost-intensive build-lateral sealing is the optionally available, by the factory brought in hollow-chamber section. It is reciprocal or also only on a side applicable. Are crucial functional requirements, costs and architectural requirements.
For applications in industrial building construction, the optional, factory-applied compression band from the impregnated polyurethane foam is recommended. However, it is not used in connection with the hollow chamber profile. 
For special applications in the refrigeration sector, a sealant on the inside which can be brought in by others, which is applicable also in connection with the hollow-chamber profile.

Double tongue and groove joint

with constructive labyrinth seal

Building width

1176 mm